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Vacation Bible School Page!

Here you will find the songs and daily lessons that you

need to support your home VBS sessions.  If you have

any problems, please contact the church office:


"Barnyard Roundup"

Day 1 - "Jesus is the Good Shepherd"

Song & lesson video

Day 2 - "Jesus Feeds 5,000 People"

Song & lesson video

Day 3 - "Jesus Tells About a Sower"

Song & lesson video

Day 4 - "Jesus Tells About a Lost Son"

Song & lesson video

Day 5 - "Jesus Appears to Mary in the Garden"

Song and lesson video

All VBS Songs Together

Click here to watch the complete video

Individual VBS Songs:

"The is the Day"

"I Just Wanna Be a Sheep"

"Dearest Lord, Hear Our Praise" - Day 1

"Dearest Lord, Hear Our Praise" - Day 2

"Dearest Lord, Hear Our Praise" - Day 4

"Dearest Lord, Hear Our Praise" - Day 5

"I Am a 'C'"

"Rise and Shine"

"Butterfly Song"

"He's Got the Whole World in His Hands"

"Jesus Loves Me"

"I Have Been Bought"